Maura in the Media

ENEMIES: FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC, Central Works 2015 (Berkeley)

"the nervous and timid youngest daughter [is] played with priceless hand-wringing fretfulness by Maura Halloran ... Between Siara and the initially unguessed-at depths of Bridgett's distress, wrenchingly conveyed by Halloran, there are some potent moments of very real pathos..."

- Sam Hurwitt, San Jose Mercury News

ENEMIES: FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC, Central Works 2015 (Berkeley)

"and the splendid, true ensemble--is like a gyroscope, spiraling down to the bitter truth, yet whirling out complexities of dialogue and gestural action, riding on a string of dark humor"

- Ken Bullock, Berkeley Daily Planet

PUSSY, New Conservatory Theatre Center 2014 (San Francisco)

"Maura Halloran’s Pussy is a marvelously sweet, funny, exasperating and ultimately satisfying portrait of a lesbian couple whose relationship is on the rocks… Halloran slips between the roles with captivating smoothness, especially impressive in the role of the titular feline. Herself a Canadian import who’s become a welcome addition to the Bay Area performing scene, Halloran will next be seen in Central Works’ Enemies: Foreign and Domestic at the Berkeley City Club."

- Sam Hurwitt, KQED Arts "Best Theater of 2014" Top 10 List

PUSSY, New Conservatory Theatre Center 2014 (San Francisco)

"Although I'm allergic to cats and have absolutely no appetite for cunnilingus, I fell head over heels in love with Pussy.  Maura Halloran's insightful and often hilarious monologue allows her to do a tidy bit of shapeshifting... a mischievous performance filled with feline feistiness, a dictionary listing of the various types of dykes, direct challenges to Jesus, and some bitchy moments of betrayal...  Halloran's writing is exceptional."

- George Heymont, My Cultural Landscape

PUSSY, New Conservatory Theatre Center 2014 (San Francisco)

"clever, quirky, and full of wit and insights into human nature … Halloran shifts smoothly and convincingly between all four characters, and is especially delightful to watch jumping onto furniture and calmly licking herself"

- Eric Jansen, KALW's Out in the Bay

BEST ACTRESS - Maura Halloran in Pussy, United Solo Theatre Festival 2013 (New York)

"Best Actor went to Jim Shankman for his performance in Kiss Your Brutal Hands, and Best Actress went to Maura Halloran in Pussy." - Carey Purcell, 2013 United Solo Theatre Festival Awards, article in PLAYBILL

2013 United Solo Theatre Festival Awards article in BROADWAY WORLD

2013 United Solo Theatre Festival Awards announcement on

PUSSY, United Solo Festival 2013 (New York)

"Halloran has a knack for dialect and physicality, skills that make her a naturally arresting solo artist... Halloran’s real triumph, though, lies in the sudden yet subtle moments of humanity she bestows upon each character… A speech in which she resolves to be the best unicorn she can be… is the poignant high point of this impeccably nuanced solo performance."


PUSSY, Seattle Fringe Festival 2013 (Seattle)

"astonishingly talented actress ... characters who are profoundly truthful, deeply affecting and perfect guides into a story that is much stronger and richer than anyone would suspect from the outset… While this play could have been just something of a showpiece for Halloran’s theatrical finesse, what makes it outstanding is that we ultimately realize that she is the only unimportant person on stage; it’s all about Jo and Leslie and Ana and that self- defined feline who resides here. I loved this show and I have nothing but admiration for all of the artists involved. I really cared about these people (and that cat) and that should make Halloran feel very, very good about her accomplishment."


"The pick goes to San Francisco’s Maura Halloran and her solo piece, Pussy. Any story that revolves around the opinionated nature of our feline friends is one to at least consider, especially as it concerns the lives of women we don’t normally see on stage."

- Preview article for Seattle Fringe by Jose Amador, SEATTLE STAR

PUSSY, New York International Fringe Festival 2013 (New York)

"Actor and playwright Maura Halloran plays all four roles, slipping seamlessly from each character to the next, aided only by minimal props... Halloran shows great skill as a performer, particularly in her ability to convincingly portray four very different characters... Halloran shows herself capable of depicting moments of emotional drama as well as giving a strong comedic performance." 

- Adrienne Urbanski, THEATREISEASY.COM

 "Halloran is an engaging performer, her characters are precisely differentiated and the performance is both polished and professional... Pussy is a refreshing and engaging hour of theatrical fun."

- Julie Congress, NYTHEATRE.COM

"...Halloran embodies all the characters, most deliciously the cat. Patricia Reynoso, dialect coach, helped delineate the 3 very distinct vocal patterns, but the lion's share of praise must go to Ms. Halloran for this enchanting show."

- Mark Savitt, HI! DRAMA

Preview article for FringeNYC by Dan Bacalzo on the GLAAD blog

5 LESBIANS EATING A QUICHE, Tides Theater 2012 (San Francisco)

“fun, and well performed by the cast of five. Maura Halloran is a particularly compelling bundle of energy as the domineering control freak Vern"

Sam Hurwitt, The Idiolect

PUSSY, DIVAfest 2012 (San Francisco)

"As good as those shows are, Maura Halloran's fictional "Pussy," which I saw at a preview, is the tightest and most impressively performed of the lot. As seamlessly staged by Claire Rice, it flows with the grace of Halloran's embodiment of the titular pet cat, an eminently entitled animal slinking about, clawing furniture, lolling and - er- cleaning herself as she segues between the play's three humans... 

Each character is drawn with a dry, caustic but empathetic wit. The comedy is crisp. The acting is delightfully precise. If you're allergic to "Cats," and even to the animal, Halloran's "Pussy" may be just the remedy you need. "

- Rob Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

"the laugh-out-loud romantic farce Pussy, by Maura Halloran, details the tricky intricacies of a lesbian-feline-nosy neighbor ménage à "cat-re". Yes, it's about a cat ... hmmm, or is it? You should really take the opportunity to find out."

- Nicole Gluckstern, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"When Maura bounds from the chair to the tabletop, her feline ways are supple and focused [...] She gracefully takes command of the stage as she assumes varying personae. Her characterizations are almost frenetically energized while being well motivated. Her athleticism is impressively and coherently well-choreographed by her movement director Julianne Fawsitt [...] The words she speaks relate a poignant story, but her physical presence on the stage and limber body tell it better."

- Albert Goodwyn, San Francisco Examiner

Radio interview with NPR affiliate KALW’s Eric Jansen on "Out in the Bay"

Article by Ginger Murray in the SF Weekly's Exhibitionist column

MERCHANTS, No Nude Men 2012 (San Francisco)

“Maura Halloran is probably the most sympathetic character as Mercedes [...] In her performance persona she’s flashy, dancerly and free-rangingly flirtatious. (Her character self-indentifies as a bunny, which becomes her logo.) On the one hand she’s sympathetic because more and more pressure is put on Mercedes as the play goes on, and you can feel the strain, but on a much more basic level, she’s the easiest to connect to because the only healthy, loving, living relationship we see is the one between her and her baby niece.” 

- Sam Hurwitt, The Idiolect

THE PRIDE, New Conservatory Theatre Center 2011 (San Francisco)

“Fortunately, this is the strongest cast I can remember seeing at New Conservatory. Halloran is a bright, quick Sylvia whose '50s vulnerabilities help her blossom 50 years later.”

- Rob Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

“Fortunately, qualified actors were employed who could handle the sometimes florid dialogue.  Talented playwright Campbell offers  romance and intrigue in a theatrical salmagundi - a stew of Harold Pinter, Noel Coward, Terrence Ratigan and even Jean Genet.”

- Larry Myers, Broadway and Beyond

“The director has assembled a dazzling cast... Maura Halloran gives an excellent performance as Sylvia. She actually becomes a romanticized oracle in all of the scenes. She stunningly conveys the strains of female trustworthiness... The bottom line is that this is one the year's best acting ensembles.”

- Richard Connema, Talkin’ Broadway

“Maura Halloran, who plays Sylvia, also plays a dual role. She is utterly convincing in both roles.” 

- Lee Hartgrave, Beyond Chron

“...Halloran gives a touching performance in her quiet confrontational meeting with Oliver.”

- Kedar K. Adour, MD, Theatre World

“remarkable acting by a fine ensemble cast [...] Maura Halloran's Sylvia is equally charming and convincing in both incarnations. As Phillip's loving but suffering 1958 wife, she is moving in the way she reveals in every nuance of speech and gesture what she cannot say aloud. As Oliver's best girlfriend in 2008 she is equally effective.”

- Charles Kruger, SF Examiner

“Director Arturo Catricala has done exquisite work in both smoothly staging the play that can quickly switch in time and place (and costumes, thanks to Keri Fitch), and eliciting finely tuned performances from his cast, whose personalities must both change yet maintain glimmers of their other-era selves.”

- Richard Dodds, Bay Area Reporter

THE FALL, Bay One Acts Festival 2011 (San Francisco)

“The Fall scored a major triumph in transforming one of the most banal experiences into a rollicking keyboard comedy [...] I especially enjoyed Maura Halloran's tightly-wound performance as Joy.”

- George Heymont, Huffington Post 

DIARY OF A MADMAN, Setkani Festival 2008 (Brno, CZ)

"In my view, there are participants in Encounter 2008 who can, without question, inspire the rest of us, and this theatre group definitely is one of them."

- Katarína Koišová, official adjudicator. Setkani Festival 2008

THE CIRCLE, United Players 2008 (Vancouver)

“... the cast develop their characters with intelligence and sensitivity. This is a company show with all the performers interacting with each other in unison. [...] Adam Henderson and his company are to be congratulated.”

- Jane Penistan. Review Vancouver. The Circle. United Players 2008

“... Maura Halloran serves notice that she is an actress to watch for in the future. Her body language, facial expressions, her ability to evoke strong emotions and reflect them in her eyes, evidence the fact that she is immersed in the character of Anna Shenstone at all times.”

Riveting Riffs Magazine on The Circle. Jericho Arts Center 2008

DYBBUK, Theatre @ UBC 2008 (Vancouver)

“The outstanding performance in this production comes from Maura Halloran, who plays Leah with such pathos that one is chilled by the possession scenes.”

Tova Kornfeld, The Jewish Independent 2008

“Star-crossed lovers, a Jewish wedding under the canopy that goes awry, folk-dancing... and an exorcism are pure gifts to a director. Add to that a young bride who channels a dead soul and speaks in his voice (and Halloran plays it extremely well) and you've got high drama.”

Vancouver Courier. Dybbuk, Theatre @ UBC 2008

LEARNED LADIES, Theatre @ UBC 2008 (Vancouver)

“Just as strong are the titular ladies, portrayed with complete conviction, rhyming couplet and all, by Maura Halloran, Kate Hilderman, and Maryanne Renzetti. The three actresses had us caught between laughter and anxiety as their exaggerated academic pretension and horribly misguided approach to love are both hilarious and timelessly relatable.”  

Jon Turner, Beyond Robson.  Learned Ladies, Theatre@UBC 2008

MIDSUMMER, Theatre @ UBC 2007 (Vancouver)

“Throughout, Maura Halloran impresses as Helena. She's honest, funny, and original.”

- Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Theatre@UBC 2007

PEER GYNT, Blackbird Theatre 2006 (Vancouver)

“... with excellent support from a large ensemble cast… And I can't ignore the student trio of Maura Halloran, Kimberly Harvey and Spencer Atkinson, who comprise a delightful comic chorus.”

- Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Plays. 

STEEL MAGNOLIAS, Morpheus Theatre, 2005 (Calgary)

“ This was by far the most multi-faceted character in the play, and I was especially impressed by the way she was able to "sell" each new dimension of her character as it developed. Each new character aspect brought a new and different set of mannerisms, vocal affectations and facial expressions, yet the central character was always clearly on display. Rating: 9.5 on 10 “ - C.A.T. Awards, Adjudicator 1

“ This was a wonderful portrayal…Maura handled the transition from the shy, reticent Annelle to the quiet self assured Annelle with a dash of dry humour and exactly the right speed of progression for the piece. Rating: 9.0 on 10 “ - C.A.T. Awards, Adjudicator 2